For Companies
For most people, their working life is an important factor for well-being, growth and development. At the same time, there is a great demand for good mental, emotional and relational functioning (in the modern workplace). Various factors such as increasing work demands, shortening deadlines and constant change can lead to dissatisfaction and reduced quality of work from the individual.
In addition an individual’s own personal situations, such as divorce, substance abuse, mental problems and other stresses, can affect the quality of their work.

Gnist-psykologer offers two main services for companies:

1.Individual appointments: We provide appointments for businesses who seek rapid access to psychological services for their employees such as therapeutic dialogue, counselling, work with motivation and development for both individuals and couples.
2.Workshops and presentations: We develop and deliver lectures and workshops relating to managing the psychological mental health within an organizational context. This includes stress management, communication and conflicts & managing change. We also offer assistance for dealing with conflicts in the workplace. All of our psychologists have undertaken specific training in both the psychological and legal aspects when dealing with workplace conflict.
Please contact us directly or through your company’s health services provider. For further enquiries or to book an appointment, you can contact us directly by phone 480 05 579 or email