For individuals
We work a lot with everyday psychology and can provide professional support if you are experiencing challenges in life such as burnout, stress, and family and work conflicts. Some seek guidance and support to get ahead when they know that they are stuck in painful patterns. Others have come to a point in life where they have the energy to take on new challenges and want to develop their potential.
We all have extensive experience working in various  mental health services and can offer effective treatment if you suffer from mild to moderate mental health problems such as anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, depression, eating disorders, OCD, sleep disorders, health anxiety or trauma.
Rumination and worry are common phenomena, which at times can steal our quality of life and reduce performance/make us less effective. Meta Cognitive therapy is a recently developed method that has proven to be very effective to reduce these issues.

For couples
One of our psychologists is a specialist in couple and systemic therapy and can offer therapy and facilitation for couples who face various challenges.